Ayinke Films is an independent film production company founded by Dorothy A. Atabong. It specializes in producing thought-provoking multicultural stories that Inspire, Educate and Entertain.

Film Festival Circuit

Sound of Tears – short, drama
‘A Matter of Family Honour’

A young woman from a patriarchal community is forced into an arranged marriage to save the family honour.

Writer Director Producer Dorothy A. Atabong

Music by Dobet Gnahore and Colin Laroche de Feline






In Development

Daisy’s Heart – feature, drama
‘Death knows no names and love does not know race’

Winner of the 2011 Best Low Budget Screenplay Award. Female Eye Film Festival

A white entrepreneur and a black South African clothing designer embark on an indissoluble love affair despite prevalent clashes and unfortunate circumstances that propel them toward tragedy.

The Princess of Kaya – feature, action drama
‘Romeo and Juliet in Africa’

In a West African Island of three kingdoms where strict legendary customs and traditions prevail; a young and naive princess must choose between Prince Hasani, her husband pledged to her for political reasons, and Aadil, a patriot from the very kingdom that she is sworn to destroy.